Daniel Middlecoat

Daniel Middlecoat is a part of the underground British electronic music scene. Growing up in London, he was exposed to rave music and dark electronica by his brother and friends. Inspired to become a DJ, his artistic journey began early in life. 

In search of more complex and technical sounds and rhythms, he found himself immersed in the genre of dark dnb/ horror core. After being a DJ for years, Dan felt compelled to create and elaborate on this art form, first through production and engineering, then through playing and composing. Now he innovates new directions in the dark music that he loves.

Warren Vinot

Warren Vinot is a songwriter and composer. He was born in Jamaica; he also spent half of his childhood in New Orleans, Louisiana. He began playing bass at the age of twelve. He developed out of a diverse background, playing classical, jazz, and rock music.

As a teenager, he became a part of the underground New Orleans metal scene. His interest in classical music, occult literature, and poetry began the development of his own compositions, which led him to become a guitar player and vocalist. After extensive traveling he moved to London, where he met Daniel Middlecoat. Their shared interest in dark music led to the formation of Godsbelow.

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